Want to spruce up a room?

Paint Like a Pro

Paint Perfection

A fresh coat of paint is the fastest, most economical way to spruce up any room in your home. Here are some simple guidelines to help you achieve results that will make any professional painter envious.

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Follow these heat safety tips from the American Red Cross

It will be a hot week ahead for us here!
The American Red Cross has these safety tips to keep you healthy through the heat…
Heat Safety
Excessive heat can be deadly and has caused more deaths in recent years than any other weather event.

Excessive heat is expected to bake a large part of the Mid-Atlantic and New England states this week with the heat index rising to as high as 101 degrees. The American Red Cross has steps people can follow to stay safe as the temperatures soar.

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MAYDAY Monday!

It’s MAYDAY MONDAY! On Mondays we will be sharing with you helpful tips on how to deal with your home. We have all experienced problems that we wish we could just solve without having to call in a professional. Here we will be trying to help you with some of the common problems that may arise in your home.

Repair or Replace?

faucetFrustrated by a leaky bathroom faucet?

You have two easy options, either repair it or replace it. Both options are simple enough to do yourself; follow the steps below and stop that annoying drip once and for all!

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Live in Your Dream Home Forever

Live in Your Dream Home Forever.


To most, the phrase dream home brings to mind a home filled with fantasy amenities, custom trims, top-of-the-line appliances, the latest in home technology, swimming pools, and much, much more.  For smart homeowners, it now means a home that you can live in forever!  A home that can accommodate you and your young family, through a hectic mid-life, and finally to coping with the physical limitations that can sometimes accompany getting older.

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